I Would Ride That Train Again to See Those Two Girls Touching


So, there I am taking the train into town for work when what do I see in the seats across from me? Two girls touching each other in places that probably should not be touched in public. Now, I’m all for girl on girl action and it got me pretty excited but I don’t think they should have been doing it right there in the open like that.

I don’t think anyone else actually saw everything that I did and that is probably a very good thing too. These girls touching each other were trying really hard to be inconspicuous but I could see just about everything from where I was sitting.

These two girls touching had one sliding her hand up the other’s skirt, letting it disappear into regions I could only wish to go. Then the other was deftly placing a hand over what appeared to be a very firm breast under her jacket. That was a sight I have replayed in my mind over and over again ever since that day.

I know that I have had dreams late at night about these two girls touching and I always wake up hard as a rock and have to take care of myself. Then I sit in anticipation at the train station hoping beyond hope that those two girls will be on the train again. I haven’t had the chance to see them again but still I dream.

I have always wondered if they were lovers or just strangers that met that day on the train. I figure they are lovers because anything else would only happen in a movie and I am never lucky enough for things like that to happen to me in real life. But I know I wouldn’t mind seeing those two girls touching each other again that’s for sure.

It seems like any time I see two girls together anywhere that I am, I notice that I am paying very close attention to where their hands are in the hopes that I might find them touching each other. That probably makes me a bit weird but I really don’t care. I can dream and often find myself doing just that. I would love to be able to find two girls that would sit in front of me and touch each other over and over again. I wouldn’t even need to watch them have sex or anything.

What IS it About Girls Peeing?


There are a few of us out there that have a fetish about girls peeing. It may seem a bit odd to most others but there is something so vulnerable about watching a girl in that position that it is very sexually arousing. You know that when they are peeing they can’t actually be doing much of anything else and that is part of the turn on for some guys.

You might also find that most of the guys that like girls peeing are also the guys that enjoy female ejaculation as well. It kind of fits together if you think about it a bit. Both of those scenarios have a girl releasing fluids. Of course, one is pee and the other is ejaculate but it’s close to the same thing. However, peeing is pretty natural. All females do it and they do not have to train their bodies in the process.

Girls peeing are one of those things that are a required taste, though. Most guys really enjoy the feeling of the warm liquid as it gushes out all over their bodies. This is probably the biggest turn on for most guys. They love to lie down and have the girl pee on their chest and all over their cock.

If you ever get the chance to have some girls peeing on you, go ahead and give it a try because you might find that you actually enjoy the feeling of having them get you all nice and wet. Just remember to take a shower afterwards because you don’t really want to go out in public smelling of urine. Although, there are those guys that seem to enjoy that part, too, but you should think of all those people you would come into contact with that would prefer to not have you smelling of pee.

Some guys like girls peeing on them and letting it go into their mouth. It seems to be a turn on for them but you should know that it is not entirely safe to be doing things like that. If you have been with the same partner and you have both been tested for sexually transmitted diseases, then it is up to you. However, if you are new to all of this and you aren’t sure about the person you are with, you might refrain from the oral fixation for the time being.

Guys Fingering Girls Shouldn’t be Edward Scissorhands


One of those things you realize as a guy is that most of the time guys fingering girls is the only sexual contact you need to have in order to make yourself cum. It must be something about sliding your finger into something that is wet and warm that gets us off, or it might just be the special closeness that you feel when you are in the heat of the moment. Whatever it is, there isn’t a guy I know of that doesn’t enjoy sliding a finger or two into a nice wet pussy.

There are a few things that guys fingering girls should remember when they are in that moment or think they might be in that moment later on that night. One thing is to always remember that not all girls like guys with long finger nails scratching the insides of their pussies. All guys should keep their finger nails trimmed down to a reasonable length and make sure to keep the nails clean. Any of you mechanic guys fingering girls should really think about this one.

Another thing to remember is that you don’t have to shove your whole hand up there to get them off. Sometimes it only requires one finger to get a girl off and anything more than that is a waste of your strength and their time. Just because they are allowing you guys to finger them doesn’t mean they want to be fisted or anything. Just be nice and easy and gentle and see how well they react to that.

If guys fingering girls was supposed to be a full contact sport, like boxing, then it would be different and you could be rough. Granted there are a few women out there that don’t mind it a bit rough and if that is the case, let them tell you when to add more than one finger. Otherwise, just go with the flow and see what one simple finger sliding in and out can accomplish for you and her both. Also, it’s not all about penetration, guys; you can and should rub the clit as often as you can since clitoral orgasm is much easier to reach than vaginal insertion orgasms. If you don’t believe me, then try just the clit and see how fast they can cum, and then try sliding your fingers in and see how long it can take that way.

Appreciating Nudist Girls


I recently had to move across the country for my job and thought I had found a nice quiet neighborhood to move into. I say “quiet” because there are hardly any people living out here and I think I know why. The house across from mine is full of nudist girls. It seems that when they moved in most of the neighborhood decided to move out and that is just fine with me.

I spend a lot of my time watching them through a telescope I have set up in my attic. Or I should say that I used to spend a lot of time watching them like that. It was after I met these naked girls that they invited me over for dinner one night. I haven’t had to watch since then, if you get my meaning.

I was a bit worried when we were supposed to be grilling outside that night for dinner and thought I might have to bring some burn cream or something, but I was happy to find that the nudist girls who were doing the cooking were wearing aprons. Of course, they had naked ladies printed on the front. You know, like those t-shirts with the bikini body girls printed on them.

Some of the older neighbors told me to stay away from them because they were degenerates. I have to say that they were some of the most normal people I have ever met even if they were nudist girls. In fact, the only difference from them and anyone else I knew was the fact that while they were at home they never wore any clothes. I told them that would be the reason everyone was calling them nudist, I guess, and they all laughed.

It’s not my place to tell people how to live their lives. I certainly wasn’t going to tell them that they had to put clothes on. But I am glad I was wearing somewhat baggy pants to hide the fact that I had an erection most of the night. Oddly enough, after a while you really don’t notice them as being naked because they are so comfortable with it all. I only notice now when one of the nudist girls bends over to pick something up that has fallen on the ground, or that I have thrown down to get them to pick it up from time to time.

Hot Naked Girls in the Sun


I was looking out my kitchen window the other day when I noticed the hot naked girls from next door laying out in their backyard tanning themselves in the warm sun. Being a guy, I found it fairly difficult not to watch them as I was attempting to wash up my dishes from earlier that day. Seeing their firm tanned bodies just laying there made me want to run over and offer to rub suntan oil all over them.

I figured that would be a bit rude so I just kept doing my dishes and watching them out my window. It wasn’t long before they turned over onto their backs and I had the best full frontal view you could ever imagine. That made me instantly hard and I had to dry my hands off so I could rub my cock while I was looking at them. These hot naked girls were so perfect that an adult magazine would have paid them big bucks to get pictures of them.

One of those naked girls happened to look over and saw me looking out the window, which caused me to crack my head on the sink when I went to duck down. Screaming from the pain and realizing I was an idiot, I slowly came back up to look out the window and was completely shocked at what I was watching. They were both kissing each other and running their hands over each other’s backs. To top it all off, they were looking right at me.

I knew then that these hot naked girls had no issues with me watching them as they started to go even more into their little play for me. I was stroking so hard I thought I was going to pull my cock off when one of them motioned me over to them with one finger. I was in heaven, and these hot naked girls were my angels waiting for me on my own little cloud. I was so enthralled by what I was seeing that I couldn’t even find the door, let alone figure out how to get over to their yard. As a result, I just sat there with a dumb look on my face watching them.

It wasn’t until they started going down on each other in a 69 position that I knew I had better get over there soon. That was also when my alarm clock went off and woke me up.

Beautiful Girls Can Give You a Concussion


Everyone has seen those comedy movies where the guy walking down the street turns to look at the beautiful girls walking by and slams his head into a street sign or a parking meter. Very few men would actually do that in real life, right? Well, I did, and I’m here to say that it was well worth the pain I went through.

I was walking down the sidewalk on our busy main street shortly after the college was back in session, minding my own business, when two of the most amazing girls I had ever seen were walking toward me. I’m sure these beautiful girls were used to guys like me staring at them and paid no attention to me at all until I fell through that plate glass window.

Now, I didn’t just fall through a window. It was more like a pinball game where I bounced off a few things first, then went through the window while trying to catch my balance. It wasn’t until after they had already past me that, being a male, I turned to check out their backsides. That’s when I walked right into the trashcan, knocking it over and dumping everything on the sidewalk. The two beautiful girls heard it and turned around to start giggling at me as I chicken walked over it and stumbled into the parking meter. Thank God it wasn’t shorter or I wasn’t taller as it hit me just below the chest, which forced me to turn and bump into the parked car. That’s when the car alarm went off.

Now, these two gorgeous girls started to laugh a bit more as I jumped away from the car, catching a heel on the trash can and, in an attempt to turn and catch myself, I crashed through the window. Not only that, but it was a swimwear shop window and I pulled the display down on top of me. The beautiful girls came over and helped me up as I reached and took the bikini top off of my head.

It would have been an epic movie moment for one of the great comedic actors of our times and couldn’t have been set up any better. But I am glad it happened as they were nice enough to take me to lunch. I ended up dating one for a few months and then married her. Sometimes life is a funny thing.

Want to Watch Some Girls Pee in Shower?


Did you know that girls pee in shower? They do it all the time! Some of them do it on purpose and some of them just do it because it’s something that happens when they get in the shower under the warm spray of water. Either way, there are many guys in the world who think this is just the biggest turn on there is.

One of the places that this happens in is a girls’ locker room. Whether this is a college gym locker room, a locker room at a work out gym, or a swimming pool locker room, girls pee in shower wherever there IS a shower to use. These showers are usually communal types where many girls can shower at once. If a guy can manage to peek through a hole in the wall somewhere, he will be in sexual heaven.

Something you might NOT know about girls is that they sometimes play a little game when they pee in the shower. They try to pee on EACH OTHER. This causes no small amount of squealing and screaming because some girls don’t necessarily like to be peed on. But it doesn’t matter how fast they run. When girls pee in shower, SOMEONE is always going to get wet with something other than clean warm water.

That doesn’t always bother everyone, though, as one of the most popular fetishes has to do with golden showers or pee. It’s not so much the urine that’s the excitement but more the action of being peed on or someone peeing on you. Some people even like drinking it, for whatever reason. But the biggest turn on seems to be watching that golden stream issuing from the body.

There are some girls who play in those showers who enjoy the golden stream as well. These girls pee in shower and have some fun with that. It may be sexual or it may just be some girls misbehaving and being mischievous. For whatever reason, they do seem to kick a real kick out peeing on each other in the shower, especially when they find someone who really hates it happening to them. You can bet that THOSE girls are going to be the real targets when it’s shower time. In fact, they may decide to just skip the shower altogether and wait until they get home where they can shower safely and in peace in their own shower stalls.

Freedom is Just Another Word for Girls No Bra


There are many girls no bra of all ages running around these days and guys have never been happier! They just love watching these unsupported orbs bouncing as the girls move about. It may be that some of these bug eyed males might try to reach out and touch someone when they can take it no more. Drooling over those erect nipples trying to poke through the t shirts of these girls may just be more than they can handle.

Something else these girls do is “accidentally” rub against an arm or some part of a guy’s body. When girls no bra do this, you can bet that there’s an instant hard on involved. These girls know the effect they are having on the men, too. That may sometimes make them do a little extra contact rubbing on them, just for the fun of it.

Everyone knows how much girls of a certain age love to tease guys. This is just another way of doing it. Since the majority of males love a woman’s tits, this is simply a way to drive them insane when they are exposed in such a way when girls no bra bounces around them. A teasing maneuver by the girls, this is one that works every time.

For many years, bare breasts covered by thin material, such as a t-shirt, have been quite a draw when it comes to attracting men. If a girl wanted a guy to notice her in a sexual way, she would simply go without her bra. It typically worked every single time. Before the evening was over, this guy was asking this girl for her phone number, to go out, or trying to fuck her right then and there. Did I mention that the girls no bra ALWAYS works?

Going without a bra also makes it easier to flash guys when the mood hits. Bare breasts are a huge turn on for men so when a girl is willingly showing hers without benefit of a bra, they get highly excited. It’s something that more than one girl has used in the past as a way to say “I am a woman! Don’t you want me?” Men always respond with a resounding yes unless, of course, the girl has a face that would stop an eight day clock. But those are what are usually referred to as “double baggers.” If you put two bags over her head, if she’s got great tits, the guy can still manage to fuck her.

Feast Your Eyes On Those Brazilian Girls


You have to admire those wonderful Brazilian girls that you see walking around on the beaches. With their long flowing hair and those wonderful thong bikinis, it’s almost too much to look at. Also, you know they get those Brazilian waxes on their bikini lines so it makes you wonder just how smooth their pussies could actually be.

It is thinking like this that got me into trouble when I went to Brazil for a vacation one summer. It wasn’t enough that every where I looked there were these hot ass Brazilian girls walking around but I kept finding myself looking down at their crotches to see if I could tell how smooth they were from their waxing procedure. It was rough the first couple of times because I caught myself fairly quickly, but after a while I would just sit there and stare at their pussies and almost start to drool. It got me slapped more than once that week and it’s something I will never forget.

However, I am happy to say that there was this one bunch of Brazilian girls that were very nice and even showed me how smooth a Brazilian wax job can be. They didn’t let me touch it or anything like that but oh did they show me! In fact, there were four of them and they took me into an alley and all of them took their thongs down. It was the most beautiful site I had ever seen. Four naked Brazilian beauties standing in front of me rubbing their hands over their waxed and smooth pussies while I sat there watching them was absolutely pure heaven for me.

Now, if they would have brought out the dildos and started in on the nipple sucking, I could have said that I had died a happy man that day, but they didn’t do anything like that. In fact, I think the whole show with those Brazilian girls only lasted about two minutes but the image it left in my mind will last until my days on this earth have run out. The truth of the matter is that the image of those four beauties will be the last thought in my mind when I pass from this mortal world. At least I can say that I will have died with a huge smile, and maybe something else if you catch my meaning.

Girl on Girl

Girl On Girl

There’s nothing hotter than watching some hot, steamy girl on girl action. Two women getting it on makes a cock stand up in a very proud salute instantly. Just ask any heterosexual man what his wet dreams consist of and he will most likely tell you that it’s the idea of two hot women kissing, nibbling, and licking each other. But what is it about girl on girl scenes that really get guys going?

For one thing, a woman’s body is a very beautiful creation. It’s exciting to see a naked female, especially when said female is engaged in the art of sexual play. If one naked woman is considered to be really hot, the pleasure is doubled by adding another one to the scene. Visually pleasing, these women could just stand or lie there and still look erotic.

As horny as two naked women are, things can, and do, get even more erotically charged when they are genuinely attracted to each other, and choose to act on this attraction. What is hotter than watching two goddesses kissing each other, sliding their tongues visibly in and out of each other’s mouths, nibbling on their lips, and sucking on those bottom lips? It’s this girl on girl kissing that is only the beginning of more pleasures to come.

Women instinctively know just how to touch and please each other. Maybe it’s inherent knowledge or maybe they just know what pleases themselves, and figure another woman will like the same thing. Whatever the reason, in girl on girl scenes, the women move together almost as if they were choreographed, there is such perfection in their actions.

The majority of women have extremely sensitive nipples and this is obvious in how girl on girl sex is conducted. Just as men tend to love a certain size of tits, women also have preferences. Larger tits are very popular simply because there are more of them to kiss, nibble and suck on. You can even make some women cum just from sucking on their nipples.

Of course, these women move on to exploring the nether regions, which is what men truly wait for from girl on girl fucking. They love to watch these women parting each other’s thighs and start teasing clits with the tips of their tongues. It’s even hotter when they use dildos as a part of the action. There’s no denying that not too many things surpass the girl on girl experience.