Girls in Gym Showers

Girls in Gym Showers

You may remember when you were a teenager and dreamed about what the girls in gym showers were actually doing over in their locker room. In the cult classic movie, Porky’s, the high school boys went so far as to make a little hole between their locker room and the girls’ locker room showers. This scene embodied the fantasies of males everywhere, no matter what their ages. In fact, they were discovered by some of the girls, but not before they got an eyeful of those naked girls’ bodies.

If you have ever managed to get a peek at girls in gym showers, one of the first things you probably noticed is how comfortable they are with each other. You might have been able to watch them help wash each other’s hair, and at some point, their bodies. There are some places that girls need some help to reach when bathing. When this happens, they will simply turn to another girl nearby and hand her the soap. This girl will start to wash naked backs, asses and legs.

Sometimes girls in gym showers like to get playful with each other. This kind of play may include spraying each other with the shower nozzle, pinching nipples, smacking asses, and an assortment of other exciting antics. It’s a lot of fun when these girls in gym showers really get going and start grouping together for a soapy water fight. You can watch their lovely, firm, round tits bouncing and moving against each other. Some may turn their backs to each other and move their slippery asses together. It may be giving you the hard on of the century while watching this, but you must understand that it’s basically all in good fun.

Of course, all of this activity is going to make them excited and horny, whether they realize it or not. You may even get to watch a few girls in gym showers masturbate while pretending to “wash” their pussies. Some girls are very good at hiding the fact that they are really, in fact, playing with themselves and can even have a pretty powerful orgasm without anyone else noticing. However, if you are watching from a little peep hole, you will certainly know what’s happening if you see this because you will be closely observing the actions of these girls in gym showers. You will see their hands moving slowly, even if discreetly, back and forth. Finally, you will see a slight tension in their bodies, and you’ll know that it’s all over for now.

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