How to Handle Drunk Girls

Drunk Girls

Drunk girls may be a horny guy’s dream come true, but only if you know how to handle the situation in the right way. You may think you’re an expert when it comes to women, but drunk girls are a totally different entity. It’s not really hard to get what you want from them, but it DOES require a little bit of finesse to get it done right.

First of all, if a girl is drunk, it will definitely lower her inhibitions, which is great news for your throbbing cock. Even if she is someone who has ignored your advances in the past, alcohol can suddenly make you her sex god.  That is also true for drunk girls whom you are meeting for the very first time. You may as well face it. A drunk girl is not going to notice any physical imperfections you may have. She will be just as horny as you are and only want to fuck.  This is not a girl who WANTS you to be a gentleman, and doesn’t care if you are “taking advantage” or not. Well, at least she won’t care until she sobers up.

A very important factor in handling drunk girls is to not let her take in so much alcohol that she will either get sick or pass out. Having a girl get sick in the middle of fucking can be a real mood killer. On the other hand, an unconscious partner might just make your cock go from rock hard to limp noodle in a matter of seconds. Try to gauge just how drunk she is before letting her have another drink. If she is at just the right level of drunkenness, a drunk girl can be your dream sex slave. She might just do things she never would do when she is sober, and that includes things that other girls wouldn’t do for or with you, either.

Getting her back to your place should be pretty easy. Drunk girls, once they are drunk and horny enough, will follow wherever you lead. That should be your ultimate goal. Get her out of the bar, into your car, and on to your house, or a hotel, whichever turns out to be more convenient. Once you have her in bed, you will find that it will most likely be a no holds barred experience.  She is going to let you fuck her any way you want.

You can have a lot of fun with drunk girls, but just remember to take the usual precautions.

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    humunahumunahumuna… i love her. nice tits btw.

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    humunahumunahumuna… i love her. nice belly btw.

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