I Would Ride That Train Again to See Those Two Girls Touching


So, there I am taking the train into town for work when what do I see in the seats across from me? Two girls touching each other in places that probably should not be touched in public. Now, I’m all for girl on girl action and it got me pretty excited but I don’t think they should have been doing it right there in the open like that.

I don’t think anyone else actually saw everything that I did and that is probably a very good thing too. These girls touching each other were trying really hard to be inconspicuous but I could see just about everything from where I was sitting.

These two girls touching had one sliding her hand up the other’s skirt, letting it disappear into regions I could only wish to go. Then the other was deftly placing a hand over what appeared to be a very firm breast under her jacket. That was a sight I have replayed in my mind over and over again ever since that day.

I know that I have had dreams late at night about these two girls touching and I always wake up hard as a rock and have to take care of myself. Then I sit in anticipation at the train station hoping beyond hope that those two girls will be on the train again. I haven’t had the chance to see them again but still I dream.

I have always wondered if they were lovers or just strangers that met that day on the train. I figure they are lovers because anything else would only happen in a movie and I am never lucky enough for things like that to happen to me in real life. But I know I wouldn’t mind seeing those two girls touching each other again that’s for sure.

It seems like any time I see two girls together anywhere that I am, I notice that I am paying very close attention to where their hands are in the hopes that I might find them touching each other. That probably makes me a bit weird but I really don’t care. I can dream and often find myself doing just that. I would love to be able to find two girls that would sit in front of me and touch each other over and over again. I wouldn’t even need to watch them have sex or anything.

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